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The Psilocybe cubes strain, Albino penis envy, is one of the rarest, and most sought-after items in the mushroom world. Being a double recessive genetic mutation, it draws the interest of people who don’t even like mushrooms, based on its ghostly, mutant appearance. This strain was engineered in a laboratory and is a cross between PF albino, and Penis envy mushrooms. Typically the mushroom is small and very slow-growing, but extremely potent by many accounts on the internet. The caps start out white but rarely remain that way as the mushroom grows to full maturity, as they tend to turn blue. The stem of the mushroom is very wide in comparison to other strains of psilocybe cubes and completely solid. When injured this mushroom bruises an intense blue.

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Albino penis envy spores are always translucent, making microscopy research a little difficult if you are inexperienced. You can not see the spores with your eyes no matter how many there are concentrated together, like regular strains. Spore syringes will appear empty due to this. It is because the strain is albino, and cannot produce melanin normally. Therefore, the spores are as good as invisible to the naked eye. Although this strain will certainly improve your microscopy abilities, by making you work harder to find its spores, greatly enhancing your experience.

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